The Leeds Nineteenth Century Reading Group ‘Special Session’ 27th April

The Leeds Nineteenth Century Reading Group meets once a month to discuss a variety of texts written during the Nineteenth Century. There next meeting will be on Tuesday 27th April, at 5.15pm in the School of English (Seminar Room 5). This will be a ‘special session’ of the normal reading group in which David Ibitson and Dr. Beth Palmer, will present papers. There will be a combined Q&A/Reading group discussion afterwards. The group suggests some relevant reading for the papers below, although this is not mandatory.

David Ibitson will be talking on ‘Jerome K. Jerome and Imperial Parody’, focusing on Three Men in a Boat. This text is available in the library and in most bookshops. It is also available for free in e-text form here and here  and as a free audio download here:

Beth Palmer will be talking on the subject of ‘Being ‘Dickensy’ in the Victorian periodical press’. Some of the criticism discussed can be  found by following these links:

Dickens, ‘A Flight’, Household Words, 3 (August 1851), pp. 529-533.

Collins ‘The Unknown Public’, Household Words, 18 (1858), 217-22.

Sala, ‘The Cant of Modern Criticism’, Belgravia 4 (November 1867), 45-55

These links are accessible with a University password. If this does not work for you, please let the organisers know in order to make alternative arrangements. For those requiring a map, click on the map on the following URL. The School is number 76.

If anyone has a query, please email one of the organisers: Owen Clayton (, Alice Crossley (, and Louisa Hodgson (


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