CFP: ‘Crossroads’, Toulouse June 2012

Crossroads: an International Conference
Toulouse, France – 7-8 June 2012
Deadline for proposals: 6 January 2011

Great things are done when men and mountains meet;
This is not done by jostling in the street.

William Blake, MS Note-Book.

“Stimulating though these lines may be, one may wonder why – or indeed if – Blake is right. This conference will explore sites (whether virtual or real) where different elements come into contact, where ideas, people, and objects circulate and where transformations occur. This call for papers invites scholars in every field of English Studies to contribute papers to a conference on the theme of Crossroads.
The members of the Toulouse-based research centre Cultures Anglo-Saxonnes (CAS) welcome responses of every kind to the question of what happens when minds or ideas meet, materially or immaterially. What strange alchemy of space and time makes some meetings momentous, and others not?”

Responses will be in the form of 20 minute papers. It is strongly recommended that these be in English, but papers in French will be considered. 150-word propositions should be sent by January 6, 2011, to the organizers of the conference:
– Philippe Birgy
– Helen Goethals
– Wendy Harding


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