London 19thC Seminar-19 February 2011

A Postgraduate Forum
Saturday 19 February
11.00 -13.15pm (Room G22/26 Senate House, Ground Floor)

11.00-11.30 (Chair: Matthew Beaumont)
Oratorical Propulsion in Swinburne and Kipling.
Fabian Macpherson, UCL
The Carpe Diem Religion: Alfred Tennyson’s In Memoriam and A. C. Swinburne’s Minor Decadent Poems.
Sara Lyons, QMUL

11.40-12.10 (Chair: Vicky Greenaway)
Mary Wollstonecraft’s Nineteenth Century Reputation: Obession, Repulsion, Fascination.
Susan Civale, BBK
Reading Samuel Butler Through Late-Nineteenth-Century Representations of Giordano Bruno.
David Gillott, BBK

12.20- 13.05 (Chair: Ana Vadillo)
Cold stony reality’: the phenomenology of mountain climbing in late Victorian Britain.
Alan McNee, BBK
‘The brazen tube and the miraculous lens’: Wonder and Microscopical Imagery in late nineteenth-century Britain.
Alison Wood, KCL
Miniature Kingdoms: Henry Morton Stanley and his ‘African Dwarfs’.
Brian H. Murray, KCL



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