Travelling Identities Symposium 18 June – Registration Open

Registration is now open for ‘Travelling Identities’, a half-day symposium at Birkbeck, University of London.
Saturday 18th June, 2011
Keynes Library
43 Gordon Square, Birkbeck, London WCIH
12 noon to 6p

The keynote speaker will be Dr. David James of the University of Nottingham, author of Contemporary British Fiction and the Artistry of Space: Style, Landscape, Perception. This interdisciplinary event will address issues of self-discovery and self-fashioning through travel and travel writing, the contentious relationship of travel to tourism, and the cultural significance of the traveller. A range of speakers will present papers on topics including Quixotism and the politics of travel, the self-invention of Henry Morton Stanley, the travels of the lower middle classes in British fiction, and the literal and figurative American journeys of Christopher McCandless.

Registration is free, but space is limited so if you would like to attend please email Alan McNee<> to reserve a place.


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