Save Conan Doyle’s House ‘Undershaw’

A campaign to save ‘Undershaw’, from OScholars.

“May I interest you in the campaign to save Conan Doyle’s house
Undershaw is a Grade II Listed Building commissioned to his own designs by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1897. After Conan Doyle sold it thirty years later, it became an hotel, until bought by ‘developers’ in 2004. The house has been empty ever since and is being allowed to deteriorate subject to planning permission to develop the site into a terrace of three houses. This permission has been granted by the local authority by a 7-1 vote, apparently in the belief that the house has no actual or potential cultural significance, and on appeal we must convince them otherwise. It is extraordinary that the fate of Undershaw should be decided by six borough councillors favouring a ‘development’ plan put together by a two-man company based in the British Virgin Islands! What I am hoping for is something on the lines of a Conan Doyle Centre for British and Irish Crime Writing, with a library, conference facilities and perhaps a writer in residence. This has the official support of the British Association for Victorian Studies and the Journal of NeoVictorian Studies, and has been endorsed by the North American Victorian Studies Association and the London 19th Century Seminar, as well as a growing number of literary societies.”

To add your own name or a message of support visit:
Videos of the house, which dates to 1897, can be seen at”


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