‘Curating the Crimea: The Cultural Afterlife of a Conflict’ AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award

University of Leicester/ National Army Museum
AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award
Curating the Crimea: The Cultural Afterlife of a Conflict
Deadline: 20 June 2011

The Victorian Studies Centre at the University of Leicester has been awarded an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Studentship in partnership with the National Army Museum (London) for the topic ‘Curating the Crimea: The Cultural Afterlife of a Conflict ‘. The PhD will be supervised by Dr Holly Furneaux at Leicester and Dr Alastair Massie at NAM and will start in October 2011. We invite applications from outstanding postgraduate students for this award, which is equivalent in value to a standard AHRC doctoral studentship and lasts for three years.

This project explores the representation of the Crimean War (1854-1856) from the war’s outbreak to the present. The afterlives of this conflict began even while it was ongoing; new forms of war correspondence and front-line photography produced instant history and commemorative industries were quick to gather momentum, producing mini-biographies of military heroes and collectables such as chinaware and commemorative statuettes. The project will begin with a detailed examination of the National Army Museum’s substantial holdings of such materials, tracing the different attitudes and responses to this war from its outset. It will then explore a number of key moments in the afterlife of this war, from Queen Victoria’s much recorded visit to the wounded soldiers at Chatham in 1855 to the acclaimed NAM exhibition of 2004-5, in order to assess the ways in which the presentation of this historical moment shifts in response to changing attitudes towards war, violence and nationhood. The term ‘Curating’, as used here, indicates much more than simply a focus on the role that exhibitions have played in the critical (re-)shaping of responses to this conflict, but encompasses also a wide range of forms through which the war is re-‘written’ and commemorated, including textual forms – journalism, life writing and literature – and art, photography, film and statuary. Work on the literary re-imagining of the war draws upon the expertise of the academic supervisor, Dr Furneaux, who is currently working on the representation of masculinity in this conflict; Dr Massie, the author or editor of three books on the Crimean War, will provide guidance on the NAM’s collections.

Candidates should have:
A First Class or Upper Second Class Honours degree in an appropriate discipline;
A masters degree in an appropriate discipline, although applicants who do not hold a masters degree will be considered if they can demonstrate sustained and relevant experience and meet the criteria outlined in the AHRC guidelines;
Candidates must meet the AHRC’s academic criteria and due to funding regulations, must be either a UK national, or be a non-UK national who satisfies AHRC eligibility criteria. Applicants are advised to consult the ‘Guide to Student Funding’ on the AHRC website http://www.ahrc.ac.uk to establish whether or not they meet these requirements.
To apply, you should send:
• A cover letter outlining your suitability for the position (maximum 2 pages)
• A current CV
• A transcript of your qualifications to date, and anticipated results if you are still studying.
• Two letters of academic reference to be included with the rest of your application.
Applications (preferably by email) should be sent to:
Dr Holly Furneaux
Email: hf35@le.ac.uk
Department of English
University of Leicester
University Road
The deadline for applications is 6pm Monday 20 June 2011.

For further information please contact Dr Holly Furneaux, hf35@le.ac.uk


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