NENC (North East Nineteenth Century) Summer Speaker series

NENC Summer Speaker series

The first session of the NENC Summer Speaker series will take place at 4.00pm on Friday 8 June. The session will be held at Newcastle University, in Seminar Room 1 on the first floor of the Percy Building.

In the first half of the session, Harriet Briggs will give a paper entitled ‘Playthings and Puritans: Pleasure and Coercion in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Walter Scott’s Kenilworth‘.

In the second half Nicole Bush will give a paper entitled ”Given up to Kalleidoscopism’: Shifting the Vision of the Kaleidoscope in the Nineteenth Century’. There will be time for questions and discussion afterwards.

Opportunities to present work to peers in a supportive environment are valuable for postgraduates and hopefully many of you are able to attend.

Details of the July and August sessions will be circulated closer to the time; the full schedule of sessions can be found on the blog.



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