Deadline Approaching: The Daphne Carrick Memorial Scholarship, 2012

The Daphne Carrick Memorial Scholarship, 2012

Deadline for Applications: 20 September 2012

In memory of the late Daphne Carrick, The Brontë Society will award a grant of up to £2,000 every three years to finance original research in the field of Brontë studies.

For full terms and conditions, and to apply, see

 1) Applications

a) Eligibility: The scholarship is open to anyone, with the exception of Trustees of the Brontë Society, employees of the Brontë Parsonage Museum, and their families.

b) Submission: Applicants should submit, in not more than three A4 pages, a description of the research to be undertaken, its importance, an outline of the plan of work and an indication of probable costs.

c) Address: Applications should be sent to The Council Administrator, Brontë Parsonage Museum, Haworth, Keighley, BD22 8DR, to arrive by the 30th of September, 2012.

d) Selection: The winner will be selected by the Society’s Publications Committee, who may consult experts in the field, and their decision must be approved by the Council of the Brontë Society. The result will be announced following the December Council meeting.

e) Payment: The timing and method of payment of the award shall be agreed between the Chair of Publications Committee and the successful candidate.

2) Research Guidelines

The following areas are regarded as appropriate for the award of the Scholarship:

a) Documentary: The identification, presentation and evaluation of primary material relevant to Brontë studies: for instance, manuscript documents (including transcription); printed sources of the period (for instance newspapers, pamphlets, books); local records, both civil and parish; and legal papers, including court proceedings.

b) Bibliographical: The listing, cataloguing and indexing of published, unpublished and electronic sources: for instance theses, articles, conference reports, previously unindexed books, library and database resources.

c) Biographical: The identification, assimilation and presentation in accessible form of material relating to the lives of the Brontë family, to people close to or influential on the family and/or to places associated with them.

d) Contextual: Research into the literary, artistic and/or philosophical context of the Brontës’ writing and/or the impact of their work on later artists.

3) Conditions

The winner will be required to sign a legally binding agreement to the following conditions:

a) The research should be completed and written up within two years of the first payment of award money. If the work is not completed in this time, and no explanation satisfactory to the Society is offered, the recipient will be required to return the grant money to the Society.

b) The finished work must be submitted to the Brontë Society, which reserves the right of first publication, including retention of copyright, although permission to republish elsewhere will not be unreasonably withheld.

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