Pilot Study: Participants Needed, ‘Reading Dickens’

Pilot Study: ‘Reading Dickens’
Participants Needed!

Dr Michaela Mahlberg and Dr Kathy Conklin, from the University of Nottingham’s School of English, are currently conducting a study on ‘Reading Dickens’. The study is completely online and anonymous.

There is a prize-draw for taking part – so one lucky participant will be given £25.
If you would like to participate, here is the link to the study.


They would be very grateful for the support of BAVS members for this project.


2 responses to “Pilot Study: Participants Needed, ‘Reading Dickens’

  1. I was happy and enthusiastic about participating in this study… I mean, what could be better than starting my day by reading passages from Dickens? However, an hour into the study I ran out of time and energy so called it quits. I hadn’t realized how long and time consuming this would be. In future, you might want to structure such studies by including some sort of pause function that allows participants to stop and then return to that point of stoppage later on. My apologies for not finishing what I started. (By the way, I learned of this via a Dickens Journals Online post on Facebook.)

    • Dear Paula, Thank you for your comment. It would be best if you passed your feedback on directly to the organisers of the pilot study at Nottingham, as we are sure they would be interested to hear from you (we are only the message board and not involved with proceedings). Victorianist.

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