Speakeasy: One Day Public Speaking Workshop, Senate House, London

Speakeasy one day public speaking workshop:
Saturday, 19 January 2013
9.30am to 5pm,
Rooms G22 & G26, Senate House, University of London

Do you get the jitters every time you give a seminar paper?
Do you find that you are unable to project your voice, speak too fast and don’t connect with the audience?
Or worse, are people falling asleep in your lectures?

Clear, effective and professional communication skills are absolutely essential to any aspiring academic. While doctoral students are taught essential research skills, less emphasis is placed on learning how to communicate their research effectively either in the lecture hall or in the seminar room. Speakeasy, a public-speaking training organisation, is a one-day workshop on the art of public speaking.

Organised by an academic and a professional actor, the Speakeasy workshop is specifically designed for historians at the start of their career (however, postgraduates and early career academics from any discipline may find it useful).

The cost to attend the workshop is £40 which includes lunch, refreshments and a course pack.
If you would like to attend, please sign up and register via the Speakeasy website:



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