Event: Samuel Butler – Adventures in Italy

Event: Samuel Butler – ADVENTURES IN ITALY

Saturday 12th January 2013 at St John’s College, Cambridge

ADVENTURES IN ITALY is a celebration of the fascinating collection
relating to the Victorian polymath Samuel Butler which is held in the
Library at St John’s College, Cambridge and is currently the subject of a Heritage Lottery Funded cataloguing project. All these events are
free, and everyone is welcome. The programme is as follows:

10.00-16.00: ‘Butler’s Adventures in Italy’ – a new exhibition of
photographs, artworks, maps and books from the Samuel Butler
Collection, displayed in the beautiful C17th Library at St John’s

12.00: ‘Samuel Butler, un Amico dell’Italia: The History of a Cultural
Partnership’ – Cristiano Turbil (University of Kent)

14.00: ‘Consigning the Old Masters to Limbo: Samuel Butler’s Influence
on How I Teach Art and Art History’ – Clarice Zdanski (Franklin

15.30: ‘Over the Range with Samuel Butler (and Some Remarkably
Persistent Gnats)’ – Julia Powles (St John’s College, Cambridge)

Full outlines of the talks and details of the booking arrangements can
be found on the website at: http://www.joh.cam.ac.uk/butler-day-adventures-italy

A note on Samuel Butler: As well as being a writer, painter,
photographer and evolutionist, Samuel Butler (1835-1902) was a great
traveller, who in the latter part of his life adopted Italy as his
second country. From the Alpine ranges bordering Switzerland in the
north to Trapani on the west coast of Sicily, Butler covered hundreds
of miles (many of which were off the standard tourist track), carrying
out hugely original literary-historical research and befriending the
locals wherever he stopped to rest. The places and scenes that caught
Butler’s imagination in the 1880s and 1890s are beautifully documented
in the Library’s collection, which includes almost 2000 original
photographic prints and several hundred artworks created by Butler as
he went, as well as the maps he used and the souvenirs he collected on
his travels.

Anyone with an interest in Italy, the Alps, nineteenth-century travel
and culture, walking, photography, art, art history, classical
literature (particularly the ‘Odyssey’) or Samuel Butler generally is
sure to find something to interest them at these events.


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