Victorian Comedy Conference: 27 April 2013, UCL

Registration Open: Victorian Comedy Conference

Saturday 27 April

Registration is now open for a one-day conference at University College London on Saturday 27 April to explore aspects of Victorian Comedy and to reflect on ways in which we might teach it.

The event will consist of papers from invited experts on Victorian Comedy:

Professor Michael Slater (University of London) on Punch Serials
Dr Carolyn Oulton (Christchurch, Canterbury) on Jerome K Jerome
Dr Ann Featherstone (Manchester) on Comedy in Victorian Circuses
Dr Oliver Double (Kent) on Little Tich
Professor Peter Swaab (UCL) on Edward Lear
Dr Jonathan Wild (Edinburgh) on Comedy in Masculine Middlebrow Literature
Dr Louise Lee (Roehampton) on Darwin’s Humour

There will also be a roundtable on the teaching of Victorian Comedy chaired by Dr Jonathan Wild and Dr Jane Darcy (UCL)

Thanks to generous funding from the UCL Arts and Humanities Faculty the event, which includes refreshments, lunch and a wine reception, will be free of charge.

To register for the conference or make an enquiry, please contact Dr Jane Darcy, Department of English, University College London:

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