CFP: SHAW: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies 34

CFP: SHAW: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies 34

The SHAW editorial board seeks article-length manuscripts for the theme issue “Shaw and Health” to be published in 2014. Papers should address Shaw’s views (as expressed in his letters and critical writings and as portrayed in his plays) on any aspect of physical and mental health: vegetarianism and other diets, vivisection, vaccination, smallpox and other diseases, medications, illness, death and dying, euthanasia, doctors and the medical profession, hospitals, operations, health care, osteopathy, public sanitation, personal hygiene, pollution, exercise (walking, cycling, swimming, etc), mortality and longevity, alcoholism and smoking, drugs and addiction, venereal diseases, birth control, psychiatry and psychoanalysis, and related topics including his advocacy for socialized medicine. In addition to those that help deepen our understanding of Shaw’s sustained attack against medical theory and institutional practice as well as his passionate aversion to quackery in all of its forms, we also seek papers that connect his views on health to his dramaturgy, especially within changing taxonomies of stage representation. Even more broadly, how do Shaw’s perspectives on and his dramatization of issues of physical and mental health speaks to constructions of national identity or post-colonial subjectivity? How do they help clarify the ongoing salubriousness of Shaw’s “body” of work and potentially theorize the robust vitality of Shaw Studies in the 21st century?

Please direct queries and send submissions to Dr. Christopher Wixson at


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