Now available online: Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film

Now available online: Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film

Volume 39, Issue 2, Winter 2012

The issue includes:

The Operatics of Cabiria (1914): Intermediality in Early Italian Cinema

Bernhard Kuhn

DPI: 10.7227/NCTF.39.2.1

Foreign Constellations in a National Drama: Becoming American in Boucicault’s Belle Lamar

Sarah Meer

DOI: 10.7227/NCTF.39.2.2

Pantomime Transformations: Genre, Gender and Charley’s Aunt

Anne Varty

DOI: 10.7227/NCTF.39.2.3

Richard Mansfield, Jekyll and Hyde and the History of Special Effects

Martin Danahay

DOI: 10.7227/NCTF.39.2.4

Film Exhibition in Vaudeville: What We Learn From Keith-Albee Managers’ Reports

Michael Slowik

DOI: 10.7227/NCTF.39.2.5

Keith-Albee Managers’ Reports

Michael Slowik

DOI: 10.7227/NCTF.39.2.6


Julia Swindells, Ellis Hanson

DOI: 10.7227/NCTF.39.2.7

Nineteenth Century Theatre & Film regularly publishes essays, documents, bibliographies and filmographies, book reviews, and review essays. The policy of the journal construes the term theatre comprehensively to include the various arts of performance which emerged over the long period from the Age of Revolution to the advent of sound motion pictures. Film is understood to include “pre-cinema” optical and narrative forms, “silent” motion pictures, and illusions. This journal considers narrative or variety entertainments from all countries and regions. Its scope embraces not only drama but dance, opera, music hall, circus, fairground entertainment, and other forms which implicate live audiences (actual, potential, or imaginary). The journal’s emphasis on the value of primary materials is reflected in the publication of documents in photographic or critical facsimile and in annotated critical edition, carrying out the policy of contributing directly to the research needs of the working scholar.

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