New journal on Victorian literature and society: The Victorian

New journal on Victorian literature and society: The Victorian

This journal is a new contribution to Victorian studies which emphasises the eclectic nature of this period. The Victorian neglects neither theory nor practical criticism; neither the popular nor the arcane. It is a response, in part, to the present dearth of journals that deal with this important period in a generalist manner instead of in particularist ways. We request articles relating to all aspects of the Victorian period be they literary, historical, theoretical, anthropological, philosophical or textual. We do not insist on any particular length of article but judge each submission on its individual merit. There will also be a section for unpublished conference papers: an area that has not been addressed by the present literature. We seek to publish well-written, thoughtful articles with a bias towards inclusion rather than exclusion. Our editors will seek to work with writers and academics who have produced original work which contains certain blemishes in order to bring it up to the necessary level for publication. Above all, it is our aim to produce a regular, well-read journal which reflects the tumultuous diversity of this crucial period.

There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the Victorian which can be found here:


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