New c19 Research Centre

The Durham University Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies, formed in 2013, is a locus for research in all aspects of the long nineteenth century (from 1760s to present-day neo Victorianism), drawing from the widest possible range of disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches. The Centre aims to generate new research and collaborative opportunities across the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, bridging Durham University and regional, national and international research networks and organizations.

The aims of the Centre are

• to enhance research in Nineteenth-Century Studies through regional and international collaboration
• to draw together interdisciplinary research for conversations on ‘Long Nineteenth-Century Studies’
• to disseminate the fruits of such research through seminars, scholarly publications, and international conferences
• to nurture and provide opportunities for Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers by engaging in regular research conversations and reading groups
• to create a MA in Nineteenth-Century Studies to attract new researchers to enhance this burgeoning area of study
• to support and expand current research into Nineteenth-Century Studies in the North-East drawing on local interest bodies and cultural institutions

Upcoming events include regular staff and postgraduate research conversations and a number of conferences to be held across the 2014-15 academic year.

To be added to the mailing list, or for any further details, please email the administrator Andrew Moss


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