Programme: Public Drinking in the Nineteenth Century , University of Bristol

Public Drinking in the Nineteenth Century Saturday

22 February 2014

Clifton Hill House, University of Bristol 

9.00am onwards 
Registration  Tea and Coffee available
10.10-11.30am Session 1 – Public Places and Spaces
‘The Gin Palace’ Paul Jennings (University of Bradford)
‘Private Sots in Public Places’ Steve Earnshaw (Sheffield Hallam)
Chair: James Nicholls (Alcohol Research)
11.30-11.50 Break 
11.50-1.00pm Session 2 – Public Control
‘Policing Drunkenness in Victorian Cumbria’  Guy Woolnough (Keele University)
‘What Shall We Do with a Drunken Preacher? Reading Mr Gilfil’s Gin-and-Water’  Jennifer Diann Jones (University of Portsmouth)
‘Public Drinking and Public Control’  David Beckingham (University of Cambridge)
Chair: Paul Jennings (University of Bradford)
1.00-2.00pm Lunch (Dining Room, Clifton Hill House) 
2.00-3.10pm  Session 3 – Public Display
‘The Alternative World of the Proud Non-Drinker: Nineteenth Century Public Displays of Temperance’  Annemarie McAllister (UCLan)
‘Radical Slurs: Drink and the Defamation of the Working-Class Poet’  Francesca Mackenney (University of Bristol)
‘The coachman with the hoarse voice […] took an imperial pint of vinegar with his oysters, without betraying the least emotion’: Extreme Drinking as Performance in the Dickens Pantomime’ Jonathan Buckmaster (Royal Holloway)
Chair: David Beckingham (University of Cambridge)
3.10-3.30pm  Break  
3.30-4.40pm  Session 4 – Public Progess
‘From Beer to Modernity’  Ed Lilley (University of Bristol)
‘”A man may drink many pots therein”: Drink and Disorder in Arthur Morrison’s ‘To Bow Bridge’ (1893) Mary Lester (Unaffiliated)
‘Death and the Alcoholic: Public Discourses of Alcoholism in the Brontës’ Novels’ Pam Lock (University of Bristol)
Chair: James Kneale (UCL)
4.40-5.00pm  Break  
5.00-6.20pm Session 5 – Public Drinking
‘Dr Granville’s Thunderbolt: Drink and the public sphere in the life of one nineteenth-century doctor’  James Kneale (UCL)
‘The half life of the Victorian saloon?  Change, continuity, and public drinking across prohibition in Ontario, 1880s-1930s’  Dan Malleck (Brock University)
Chair: Steve Earnshaw (Sheffield Hallam)
6.20-6.30pm  Closing words 
James Nicholls (Alcohol Research)
6.30pm  Wine Reception
7.30 for 8.00pm Informal Dinner

For more details please see the conference website:


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