Progrmme: MIVSS, ‘Victorian Education’, Avenue Campus, University of Northampton, Friday 23rd Jan 2015

 ‘The entire object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but enjoy the right things — not merely industrious, but to love industry — not merely learned, but to love knowledge — not merely pure, but to love purity — not merely just, but to hunger and thirst after justice.’ (Ruskin, Unto This Last)

Room MY120, Maidwell Building, University of Northampton. Avenue Campus, St George’s Avenue, NN2 6JD

Campus map and travel information

REFRESHMENTS ARRANGEMENTS. Lunch can be obtained at campus cafes. The event is free of charge and there is no need to register in advance.


10.30a.m.      Tea, coffee & welcome

11.00               Keynote Speaker:  Dr Phillippa Bennett (Northampton)

‘Educate and Agitate: William Morris

and the Meaning of Education’

12.00              PANEL 1: Education in Craft

‘Conveying Life and Meaning in Needlework: Mary Newill as Teacher of Embroidery at the Birmingham Municipal School of Art (Claire Fitzgerald, Univ. Warwick)

‘Museums, Morris and Ruskin: Educating the Eye and the Hand’ (Kate Hill, Univ.Lincoln)

  • LUNCH (various venues around campus)

1.45                 PANEL 2: Education and Gender

The Nineteenth-Century Schoolmistress and the Training of Sue Bridehead

(Jonathan Memel, Univ.Exeter)

‘A Fine Lad’: Masculinity and School Education in Charlotte Brontë’s The Professor and Thomas Hughes’s Tom Brown’s Schooldays (Erin Johnson,Univ.Oxford)

Female Education and Infantilisation in the Fiction of Mary Elizabeth Braddon (Anne-Marie Beller, Univ.Loughborough)

3.00                Tea and coffee break

3.15                 DISCUSSION: Education as Transformation? Then and now

We discuss Victorian agendas in education – to what extent it was envisioned as a means to personal transformation, spiritual enlightenment, practical employability, social engineering? What are the present-day legacies of this vision? Are we still Victorians in our views of education?

A short piece to stimulate thoughts, by Mike Baker for The Guardian, can be found here.

4.00                End

There are a small number of travel bursaries available for postgraduate students attending the event, provided through funding by BAVS. If you would like to apply for one of these, please contact Kate Hill ( stating your name, affiliation and approximate travel costs.


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