Call for Contributions: “Victorianomania”: Reimagining, Refashioning, and Rewriting Victorian Literature and Culture

We invite contributions for a themed volume on Victorianomania to be published in early Autumn 2015. The nineteenth century continues to exert its influence upon scholars, writers and artists of the Third Millenium, invading contemporary film, art and literature, displaying a fascination with the period that shows no fading. While the emergent field of “Neo-Victorian Studies” has recently received considerable scholarly attention, inspiring academic conferences, edited collections of essays, peer-reviewed journals and special monograph series, this edited collection will consider Victorianomania in its broadest sense, examining the influence of and the contemporary response to the Literature and Culture of the long nineteenth century.


Beside the many works of fiction self-consciously reflecting on the relations between the past and the present, the contemporary Victorianomania can be traced in many genres and sub-genres of culture, from the multitude of current and successful film and television adaptations of nineteenth-century works – to name but a few, Cranford (2007), Little Dorrit (2008), Desperate Romantics (2009), Sherlock (2010-), Daniel Deronda (2011), Great Expectations (2011, 2012) – to the use of and reference to Victorian fashion, architecture and material culture in exhibitions, graphic novels, time travels, fan fictions and fashion styles. This volume aims to address the multiple and manifold allusions, adaptations, rewritings (and even plagiarism) of nineteenth-century sources (both texts and things) to be found in contemporary culture, and to give a significant contribution to the current interest in our engagement with the nineteenth-century past.

Possible topics for contributions might include, but are not limited to:


  • Neo-Victorian Remediations
  • Neo-Victorian art/architecture/fiction
  • Steampunk culture
  • Nineteenth-century heritage industry
  • Television/stage/film adaptations of 19th century literary classics
  • (Neo)Victorian Fanfiction
  • Neo-Victorian ‘canon’
  • The gender politics in adaptations of nineteenth-century women
  • Narrative ethics and strategies employed to re-imagine the lives of nineteenth-century historical subject
  • The nineteenth century past and/as cultural memory
  • Material Culture and Nostalgia
  • The making of literary icons and celebrities: Austen, Dickens, Darwin etc.


Please send 300 word proposals (for 6,000-8,000 word contributions) by 31 March 2015 via email as a Word.docx attachment to the volume editors (Simonetta Falchi, Greta Perletti, Maria Isabel Romero Ruiz:, adding a short biographical note in the body of your email.


Completed chapters will be due by 1 June 2015.



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