Funded PhD Studentships: Writings Lives Digital Archives Project

1)      Autobiographical recollections of family life and the prison in the nineteenth century

The PhD will examine memoirs as a source for exploring immediate and long-term effects of imprisonment on families and individual family members. It will draw on autobiographical recollections by former prisoners and relatives of those who were confined, whether for criminal offences or political activities. By focusing on the family, the PhD will aim to recover experiences of women and children that are hard to find in the ‘prison archive’.


2)      Home, memory and affect in working-class autobiography

The PhD will investigate representations of the home in working-class autobiography. Building on new work on the history of emotions, home and material culture, and working-class autobiography,  the PhD will explore the symbolic significance of the home in conveying memory, feeling and affect.

Both these PhDs will be will be directed by Helen Rogers and Lucinda Matthews-Jones. They will be connected to the Writing Lives Digital Archive Project (Liverpool John Moores and Brunel University), and will make use of The Autobiography of the British Working Class (eds Burnett, Vincent and Mayall). More information can be found here:

The deadline for applications is 1 May 2015 but these are submitted by the proposed supervisor not the candidate. Applicants should email Helen or I as soon as possible to discuss the application and will need to draw up a draft application by 24 April 2015.

Helen Rogers: []

Lucinda Matthews-Jones: []

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