Get Julia Margaret Cameron on the £20 note!

As this year marks the bicentenary of Cameron’s birth, the Julia Margaret Cameron Trust aims to ensure that Cameron is nominated to appear on the new £20.00 note.

Julia Margaret Cameron (1815 – 1879) was one of the most important early photographers and is now recognised the world over as a pioneer of photography as art.

A woman ahead of her time, she took on the challenges of handling large cameras and dangerous chemicals at a time when photography was known as ‘The Black Art‘.

Ignoring conventions, she experimented with composition and focus. Today she is credited with creating the first photographic close-up portraits and influencing the subsequent Pictorialism movement with her use of diffused focus.

Her portraits of ‘famous men and fair women’, reflect her time within the Freshwater Circle, the birth of celebrity and her ambitions to be recognised as significant artist of her time.

Given Cameron’s importance as a female pioneer of photography, and the enduring appeal of her aesthetic, it would be fitting to see her honoured. If you agree, please log your nomination at:


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