CFP: Special Issue of Victorian Poetry (Spring 2017) on Augusta Webster

CFP: Special Issue of Victorian Poetry (Spring 2017) on Augusta Webster

Guest Editor: Patricia Rigg

Please consider submitting an essay for a special edition of Victorian Poetry devoted to Augusta Webster. Writing prolifically across genres, Webster produced dramatic and lyric poetry, verse drama, long and short fiction, and translations of Aeschylus and Euripides.  She contributed incisive essays on a variety of literary, political, social, and cultural topics to the Examiner and served as one of the main poetry reviewers for the Athenaeum.  She was a member of the first London Suffrage Society, and she was twice elected to the London School Board.

Essays concerned with any aspect of Webster’s work, with Webster in relation to her contemporaries, or with Webster in the context of Victorian culture, politics, and society are welcome.

Please submit essays to by 15 January 2016 for publication in Victorian Poetry (Spring 2017).  Early expressions of interest and proposals of topics are welcome as well.  Essay submissions should follow the conventions of Victorian Poetry and be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style 15th Edition


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