Call For Bloggers: Two New Opportunities

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Call For Bloggers: Two New Opportunities

Due to the continuing success of the BAVS Postgraduate Researcher blog, we are looking to expand this section of the Victorianist to include two new blogging opportunities for postgraduates to promote their research and to gain online exposure for their work. These two new sections are entitled ‘Researcher Collections’ and ‘Neo-Victorian Reviews’, and will be detailed more fully below.


Researcher Collections: We are opening up an exhibition space for any extensive postgraduate research that is not in dissertation format. Many students over the course of their postgraduate careers undertake large projects for museums, special collections, or other university departments, including (but not limited to): the writing of independent research blogs, the compiling of dictionaries and encyclopedias, the curation of exhibits, and the filming of educational videos, among just a few examples.

The goal of this project is to heighten the awareness and extend the reach of the innovative and extensive research being done by postgraduates in the field of Victorian Studies.

If you have a project of this nature that you would like to have featured and archived on the Victorianist, please send a proposal to Emma Butcher ( and Abby Boucher ( detailing the nature, scope, and outcomes of your project, along with a sample of the work that would be featured.

Please note the three following qualifications:

1.) Projects must be substantially more extensive than the normal 800-1,500-word blog posts featured on the Researcher Blog.

2.) Projects must NOT be articles or large sections of a dissertation.

3.) Projects must be easily accessible online or compatible with online use for our readers (through a link, PDF upload, embedded video or photographs, etc).


Neo-Victorian Reviews: Given the recent saturation of Neo-Victorianism in popular culture, we are opening up a space for bloggers to create nuanced, critical reviews of Neo-Victorian television shows, films, plays, books, video games, and experiences (festivals, interactive museums, etc). These reviews will not only create dialogues between Victorian scholars about their mutual recreational interests, but will also help to link popular culture with the academic sphere.

If you are interested in writing a review of approximately 2,000 words (and preferably with properly cited stills, photographs, or videos) about any media that may be defined as ‘Neo-Victorian’, please send a brief proposal to Emma Butcher ( and Abby Boucher ( outlining your subject and general argument or analysis. Depending on interest, these reviews may become a regular feature of the Researcher Blog, or may spin off into a section of their own.


These two new sections are aimed at bringing together BAVS postgraduates from across the humanities focusing on the Victorian period.

We want to celebrate the diverse and groundbreaking research undertaken by our postgraduate members across Britain, introducing wider audiences to a new generation of writers and historians. We invite academic, research-informed blog posts, with the aim of promoting communication and community within the BAVS network. We also welcome group posts, which will not only encourage collaborations between small communities of like-minded researchers, but will also promote interdisciplinary and cross-century projects.


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