Lecturer in English Literature (Victorian Studies) – University of Glasgow

Please see the full advert on jobs.ac.uk for more details and to apply.

Job Purpose
To contribute to the delivery of an excellent student experience by contributing to teaching, assessment and administration processes associated with undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and to undertake scholarship to enhance learning and teaching in the School of Critical Studies.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Deliver a range of teaching, supervision and assessment activities across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes within the Subject/School.
  2. Carry out course administration within required timescales ensuring effective communication of information, in particular assessment requirements and criteria and timely and constructive feedback on assessment.
  3. Contribute to the on-going development and design of the curriculum in a manner that supports a research-led and scholarly approach to student learning and assessment in the discipline and/or profession.
  4. Make effective use of learning technologies to support and enhance course delivery, course organisation, feedback and assessment. This may involve blended and/or online provision.
  5. Ensure an inclusive and evidence-based approach to facilitating learning in a range of face to face and potentially online delivery formats such as: tutorials, lectures and problem based learning that promotes student participation and learning outcome attainment.
  6. Engage in scholarship by undertaking methodologically rigorous, educationally relevant, enquiries into student learning and disseminate evidence to enhance your own, and potentially others’, teaching practices. Attend and participate in appropriate seminars and conferences to support research-led teaching, scholarship and/or professional practice in your disciplinary area.
  7. Develop effective working relationships with students and, in partnership with relevant student services teams, respond appropriately to the diverse range of learning approaches and learner needs.
  8. Develop relationships with external stakeholders in support of knowledge exchange, public understanding and appropriate forms of outreach such as widening access.
  9. Participate in local, and potentially overseas, activities associated with student recruitment (e.g. open days), orientation and induction and other School and University initiatives such as support for student transitions, employability and student mobility as appropriate.
  10. Engage in continuing professional development activities as appropriate.
  11. Undertake any other reasonable duties as required by the Head of School or Subject Area.
  12. To contribute to the enhancement of the University’s international profile in line with the University’s Strategic Plan, Inspiring People Changing The World.

Other Information
Victorian literature is taught in this subject area at pre-Honours, Honours and MLitt level. Junior Honours includes a Victorian survey course; Senior Honours offers more specialist courses. Our MLitt strand in Victorian Literature includes both two core courses (one focusing on literature in historical context and one dealing with readers, writers, publishers and the circulation and reception of texts), and a range of Victorian option courses. We encourage students to consider Victorian literature as including a broad spectrum of writing, including scientific writing, journalism, life-writing, and so on as well as fiction, poetry, drama and criticism.

This teaching focussed post is to cover for a colleague taking on a School management role from 1st August 2017 to 31st December 2020.


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