BAVS 2017 Vlog by Matt Poland

Matt Poland is a doctoral student working on Victorian literature and print culture at the University of Washington in Seattle. With a background in librarianship, he is particularly interested the histories of books, libraries, and information, and how these intersect with literary form. His paper at BAVS 2017 examined narratives of paper production in Household Words, and how Dickens develops them into a model of Victorian print culture in Our Mutual Friend. Currently, he is engaged in projects examining Dickens’s conceptions of print culture and information spaces more broadly; Shakespeare in nineteenth-century periodicals; and a larger project that examines how nineteenth-century historicisms and “library science” — that is, how the Victorians collected, catalogued, and materially remade book objects — continue to shape our understanding of literary culture. Matt has presented his work at conferences in the US, Canada, Britain, and Germany. At the University of Washington, Matt is the lead on a digital humanities project developing a research dataset of bibliographical metadata that is overlooked in catalogue records, especially bookbindings. He co-organizes UW’s 18th/19th Century Graduate Research Cluster, and last year organized the V21 Collective’s summer symposium for the Pacific Northwest. Next academic year, Matt will be the assistant editor of Modern Language Quarterly. He tweets pictures of cats with books at @mattpoland.


Find his Vlog on BAVS 2017 here:



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