BAVS 2018 – PGR/ECR Bursaries Available


BAVS 2018 Bursaries Announcement

We invite applications for postgraduate and postdoctoral researcher bursaries for the 2018 British Association of Victorian Studies Conference, Victorian Patterns.

BAVS is offering eight bursaries. Four of the bursaries are for postgraduate students while the remaining four are intended to support unwaged and hourly paid postdoctoral researchers.

All bursaries are for £100 and are to be used by recipients to cover some of the costs of attending the conference. You do not have to be giving a paper at the conference to apply for a bursary, but you should be attending the entire conference. Please note that payment of these bursaries will only take place after BAVS 2018, once all requirements have been met.

Recipients of a bursary are required to become actively engaged at and/or after the conference in the following ways:

Within two months of the conference dates, all recipients are required to:

Write a report of the conference for the BAVS Newsletter of not more than 1,500 words

Write a blog post for The Victorianist, on a theme or subject which has attracted their interest in the course of the conference and which has been agreed with the PGR BAVS representatives.

Tweet on the BAVS 2018 Twitter account during the course of the conference.

How to Apply

Application should be via a brief CV of no more than 2 pages and a letter of not more than 1 page. In the letter, applicants should explain the reasons why they are seeking financial sponsorship and how conference attendance will contribute to their research and professional development. Applicants should also demonstrate their eligibility for the bursary by outlining the skills and previous experience which will facilitate their performance of the required tasks.

The letter of application and the CV should be sent as Word attachments (not pdf) to BAVS2018@ with ‘BAVS 2018 bursary application’ under the subject line by 1st June, 2018. Any enquiries should be similarly addressed.

Applications for the bursaries are assessed by a panel that includes members of the BAVS Executive Committee and members of the conference organising committee.

Bursary recipients are required to be current members of BAVS. More information about BAVS membership is available at:


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