Cove Workshop – Thursday 22 July 6pm BST

On Thursday, July 22, COVE will be running a more in-depth workshop on our tools and content: 10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern, 6 pm British Summer Time, 7 pm Central European Time. Note that this will be the only email to BAVS (no later reminder) so take a minute to join if this interests you. To see what you can teach and do with COVE, check out this document:

Thursday’s workshop is for anyone who has attended an introductory COVE workshop or used COVE in the past and now wants to learn more about a specific tool. If you have not attended a past introductory workshop, you are still welcome to join but I recommend first watching the following general introduction:

To sign up, fill out this short form:

The workshop will include a choice of 2 break-out sessions on specific tools and content led by past users:

  1. Building an anthology and group annotation at COVE Studio (led by Dino Felluga)
  2. Edition-building with scholars or with students (led by Rebecca Nesvet)
  3. Building an annotated map at COVE Editions (led by Amy Elliot)
  4. Building a timeline at COVE Editions (led by Laura Rotunno)
  5. Building a gallery at COVE Editions (led by Catherine Golden)

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