Hardship Grants for BAVS members

The BAVS Hardship Fund has already distributed £7,895 to those BAVS members facing unprecedented challenges due to the various forms of disruption caused by the pandemic. Following the success of the BAVS Online Auction Fundraiser this summer and ongoing generosity of the BAVS membership, the Committee has made the decision to issue a final call for Hardship Bursaries.

4 x Hardship Bursaries of up to £250 are available to those struggling to cover the cost of the most basic needs as a result of financial hardship, such as those on casual/temporary contracts who have not been eligible for government assistance and those who have had to significantly reduce their paid work due to childcare responsibilities.

Applications must be received by 5pm on Monday 20 December 2021 to be considered.

The scheme is open to Postgraduates, Early Career Researchers, members who are not in full-time permanent employment, and independent scholars. Click below for the application form.

Note that the fund is intended as an emergency facility to cover costs related to situations of current personal hardship and not simply for research purposes, which are covered by our regular funding schemes (next deadline: 30 November, https://bavs.ac.uk/funding/).

Individual circumstances should be made clear in the application. Click here for the Application Form If you are in a position to support, ongoing donations can still be made via JustGiving.

If you have any questions about donating, please do not hesitate to make contact: bavstreasurer@gmail.com

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