Undisciplining, Widening and Diversifying Nineteenth-Century Studies

Tuesday 9th August 2022, University of Kent

This workshop, organised by the Centre for Indigenous and Settler Colonial Studies at the University of Kent and the Victorian Diversities research network aims to bring together scholars engaged in seeking new methodologies to ‘widen’ and ‘undiscipline’ historical literary fields. Breaking the geotemporal linkage between literature and the Anglo-American cultural and political contexts that have traditionally structured literary studies has made visible transnational affiliations that were previously occluded by nationalist literary-historical frameworks. Meanwhile, the recognition that Euro-American culture was and continues to be structured by race and racial difference has enabled productive engagements with interdisciplinary fields such as Black studies, settler colonial studies, Indigenous studies and postcolonial studies that seek to de-naturalise whiteness and problematise the centring of white experience and white cultural production within historical literary fields.

Recognising that the unlearning and relearning inherent in the work of undisciplining is always in process, we invite scholars working through these intersections and problems to join for a collaborative and convivial in-person workshop to present and respond to ‘work in progress’ to be held at the University of Kent. Participants can choose to either pre-circulate draft papers and present a 5-7 minute introduction outlining key questions and problems that they are working through, or present a 15 minute talk without a pre-circulated paper. We also welcome respondents who are willing to listen and give feedback without offering their own research. As this is a free but limited capacity event, expressions of interest should be sent to Dr Lara Atkin (L.E.Atkin@kent.ac.uk) by Friday June 3rd 2022. Please state if you would like to be a participant or respondent and what format you would like your contribution to take.

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