Event: Nineteenth-Century Handwriting Study Day & Workshop

13 April 2023 | Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Manchester

How did people learn to write in the nineteenth century? What’s it like to use a dip pen? How did different writing implements shape the rhythms of writing? What difference did class, gender, impairment, or neurodiversity make to writing instruction? And how can a greater understanding of the act of writing, including writing shorthand, shape our engagement with nineteenth-century texts, people and archives?

The Nineteenth-Century Handwriting Study Day & Workshop, taking place 13 April 2023 at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, Manchester, brings together new research into writing practice in the long nineteenth century with practical, hands-on workshops. The full programme is available on our website: https://handwriting19c.wordpress.com/programme/.

Registration is now open (closing on 6 April): https://shop.bangor.ac.uk/product-catalogue/ysgol-ieithoedd-llenyddiaethau-ac-ieithyddiaeth-school-of-languages-literatures-and-linguistics/nineteenthcentury-handwriting-study-day-workshop/nineteenthcentury-handwriting-study-day-workshop. Tickets are £35, and every attendee will go home with a pen holder and some Victorian pens.

Supported by the British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS): bavs.ac.uk and the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS): bars.ac.uk.


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